Commited to quality

With a commitment to quality we use State Of The Art Equipment to ensure you get the best and safest tan possible.

Mystic tan spray booth

UV Free Tanning in less than 60 seconds! Available in City Salon

  • Free 30 minute parking for Mystic Tan customers
  • Complete privacy
  • Natural looking tan
  • MagneTan technology ensures the most even, seamless tan available in the City
  • Most popular spray tans for brides and bridal parties
  • Suitable for all skin types

The Mystic Tan Booth is designed to deliver a customised sunless tanning application using a revolutionary process that leads to a uniform tan to all parts of the body. Once the exclusive tanning solution passes through the booth's nozzles, the solution is attracted to the skin via a magnetic polarisation process. The solution itself contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a safe but effective natural tanning agent that reacts with the skin's amino acids in the super?cial layer to produce a golden brown tan.

Ultra sun stand up power tower

The most fun you can have standing up.

The preference for upright tanning can be greatly attributed to the

Power Tower Stand Up Solarium as it provides a seamless tan to every part of the body in less time. This spacious cabin permits free movement, encasing 60 180 Watt professional Cosmetic Products GPH designer lamps surrounding your face and body for the ultimate tanning experience. Tanning time is greatly reduced due to the number and strength tanning lamps, making them the fastest tanning stand up Power Tower. Once your have developed your tan, the Power Tower makes it easier to maintain it all year round.

SolarWind 5000 lie down bed

A little bit of paradise.

Concentrated tanning energy in a luxurious horizontal bed makes this the perfect tanning option when you want to relax. 45 high-powered professional lamps surround your body with a separate face tanner for a deeper tan especially for face, neck and chest.

Amber sun sunkess tanning

Available at Windsor salon.

Amber Sun is a specially formulated sunless tanning solution. For years consumers have struggled with sunless lotions trying to achieve a perfect tan. However, these lotions are difficult to apply and mostly end up streaky and uneven. But now with Amber Sun spray on formulation a natural looking tan can be achieved in minutes.

Amber Sun Sunless Spray Tan products available at both locations for take home convenience.

Subtech spray tan booth

Safe and effective UV free tanning in under 1 menute

Available in Windsor Salon

  • Free parking
  • Complete privacy
  • Based on Magnetic polarisation process as Mystic Tan Spray Tan Booth
  • Dry mist allows for quick drying time
  • Suitable for all skin types

The Suntech Spray Tan Booth is a private spray booth that delivers a ?ne dry mist spray to each tanner in less than 60 seconds. This revolutionary machine employs the similar technology featured in the

Mystic Tan, in that the solution is magnetised to your skin to ensure a perfect seamless tan every time.

Perfect for all skin types and can be used in conjunction with solariums for a deeper tan.

For an even darker and longer lasting Mystic Tan and Suntech Tan, it is recommended to do a short session in Cosmetic Products GPH's stand up solariums before your spray tan

Soltron UVA high pressure bed

First in country!

For the absolute ultinate tan

For the absolute ultimate tan

Expect the ultimate tan with our new state of the art UVA high pressure horizontal bed, containing 20 UVA facial tanner units that penetrate the skin deeper for a darker tan. Best used every 3-4 sessions to sustain a longer lasting deeper tan. Available at Windsor salon only. (price list available on request)

Etg hair

Medically proven treatment that reduces hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth. Available at Windsor Salon.

ETG (Electrotrichogenesis) is a patent electrotherapeutic device that provides a clinically proven medical treatment that reduces hair loss and can stimulate hair growth. The regrowth of hair is by means of electrical stimulation that promotes healing of hair follicles that are dormant. Suited to men and women to prevent common baldness, for women who want to strengthen hair and increase volume for a special event, and also patients undergoing chemotherapy to reduce hair loss during treatment.

There are no side effects attributed to ETG and results from studies around the world suggest that ETG treatments are successful and also have a positive impact on quality of life.