Media Discredited

Recent Report Against Solarium Tanning has been Discredited

The current negative report publicised in the media against solarium tanning has been discredited. Read on for facts on how it has been discredited and other information that puts the report into perspective;

  • The recent report has been labelled biased by qualified officials.
  • Studies used to compile the report lack scientific validity. Once these reports are removed from the report the following conclusions can be made; "no (zero) new cases of melanoma and no (zero) new deaths from melanoma would be expected as a result of solaria use in Australia."
  • No apology was given publicly after admitted that words were taken out of context by the media, in regards to certain aspects of the results of her report.

"Our media here have taken a few points of our recent media release out of context including the statement around if they had used a solarium just once".

She continues to explain that no studies ever found a link between increased melanoma risk and only one visit to the solarium, as stated in the media.

  • The report fails to acknowledge the difference between exposure to sunlight and solarium UV light. Solarium tanning is controlled and consistent. Sun exposure is not regulated and often sunburn does occur.
  • The report fails to acknowledge the benefits of controlled solarium use.
    • the development of a tan provides sun protection factor.
    • stimulation of vitamin D synthesis, which has been repeatedly proven to reduce the risk of certain diseases and cancers.