Sunscreens can block vitamin D

At least some sunlight is necessary to stay healthy

Many doctors say ultraviolet light from the sun or a tanning machine is dangerous because of the risks associated with skin cancer. But some health experts, such as Boston University, disagree."I believe that Americans have gone overboard with their fear of the sun. I think that sensible exposure to sunlight is really important for your overall health and well-being".

The Truth about Skin Cancer

It is NOT caused by the sun You NEED sun for vitamin D

Decades in the dark

After over 20 years of deceit, new evidence that dermatologists and sunscreen makers are making us all disease magnets

Bad but widely accepted advice just might be killing you slowly if you buy into what they say about the dangers of our native sun. They want you to avoid sunshine...slather on chemical sunscreen if you go outside...stay indoors during peak sun hours...wear long-sleeved shirts and sunglasses even when it's not sunny...and strive to cut your sun exposure to none.

Abide by these instructions and it could spell disaster for your health...