Tanning accelerators and tanning enhancers

Designer Skin and Body Invest Tanning Accelerators

Cosmetic Products GPH compliments the best tanning equipment with exceptional tanning accelerators and skin care products. Our ranges include a large range of creams that suit ALL skin types, requirements and stages of tanning. Our BRONZING accelerators from The Designer Skin range are extremely popular as are our strongle TINGLE creams.

Leaders in the tanning market, both here and in the USA, Designer Skin believes that proper skincare is absolutely essential for tanning and is the basis for a beautiful, luminous tan.

Amber Sun Sunless Tanning products are available from both locations and give the tanner the option of successful home application. Fake tan in the Amber Sun range include easy-to-use pump sprays and lotions. Cosmetic Products GPH also provides exceptional moisturisers and shower gels made specifically for tanned skin.

Body Treats

Body Treats is our NEW line of delicious skin care products, including mineral salts, scrubs, body butters, soaps and candles.

Imedeen Tan Optimiser

The new capsule for the Optimum Tan. Tanning to help you tan from the inside out.

Imedeen Tan Optimiser is a new capsule taken daily that works to simulate the skin's natural production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin colour.